Thou Shalt Not Steal. It's Just So Rude.

When you have a new baby in the house, you really start to notice the changes in various things week by week (aside from the obvious baby that you're caring for, I mean!). It's Easter morning, and I am intently enjoying my off time from work, writing, relaxing, and sitting right next to my happily babbling son. What a happy baby. It's hard to believe that nearly two months ago this poor kid was plagued by the unfortunate stage of colic. Nowadays, he smiles and laughs more than ever. Yeah right, we will see how he acts in about another month or two. What will he find to cry about then? ;)

Chocolate CheesecakeImage by pierrotsomepeople via Flickr

On a minor silly note, a few co-workers, bosses and I went to dine at the Cheesecake Factory (YUM!) in a little celebration for achieving the most sales in our division. Go Northern California! The good news- I had a delicious salmon meal along with a supreme chocolate Godiva cheesecake (seriously, chocolate overload, but it tasted so divine!) The bad news- I offered it to my mother-in-law. What the hell? I vividly remember telling her about the yummy dessert and that she could try "bite."
Yes, that was my exact word.
And no, a bite, in my mind, does not translate to devour the whole thing like you'll never had a good treat like that again in your lifetime. Now, I am not upset at the fact that I had a mere two bites of the cheesecake, I am flustered that she took it upon her self to snatch it right up in her unforgiving little mouth. Angry? Maybe for a few minutes. Honestly I wasn't really that mad, and I didn't confront her about it. Besides, if I did, what would she do, regurgitate it? Yuck. I wouldn't want an apology for her lack of good listening (or maybe she knew what I said, but she didn't care?). I know that we have a very poor standing relationship, and I think she used that situation to use her control and power, like I have clearly noticed she likes to do in the past. One key item of advice, MIL, if you just got a job and got over your fear of dealing with real live imperfect people, you just might be a little happier. I'm sorry, but blaming other people for your problems isn't gonna get you where you want to be. No wonder you rarely go out in public or have many friends; most normal people wouldn't put up with your annoying bullshit.

Okay, I'm done venting. It really just had to be done, I was slightly aggravated.

I have decided to modify my blog a little bit. I am going to throw away Super 5, as I only did that one time anyway, stick with Essential things, no links for Wednesday. I like to write, but I don't want to make all my blogs just about linkage; I want to be able to put my own two cents in about whatever need be that day I choose to write. Amateur blogger I am, but I am willing to learn day by day. If anyone has advice to give to me on writing, I would gratefully accept it.

Until next time... Happy Easter and enjoy this upcoming week!

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