One Crazy Prenuptial Agreement

I have had such a handful going on since my last post! Let's see...OK, it doesn't seem like much written (typed) down, but it was for me! Work, work, work...a small fraction of time with old friends, seeing my babies here and there...and work. Yep.

Real exciting.

But let me just add that my life wouldn't be much of one if I didn't have things to do, so I guess I don't mind too much.

Brittany's memorial was last Saturday. I was glad to see many people come to acknowledge her life and not her passing. I am happy that her parents requested that everyone who attended wear colorful attire and nothing black. Her parents are tough cookies. Brittany was so very loved. Rest in peace Brittany.

It's getting hotter. I am almost not looking forward to summer. My husband doesn't do the beach or pool thing very much. Bummer since I live in Southern California. Oh well, his loss, I have plenty of other beach happy friends!

I'd better get back to my babies, the little one has fallen asleep to "Wow Wow Wubzy" and he doesn't take long naps, wouldn't want him to wake up without me. :)

On to
Wacky News Wednesday!

I do believe that if this was in the news, it may have been just a couple of years ago, but I stumbled upon it recently and just thought it was ridiculous! Prenuptial agreements...could they really be as outrageous as this one?


(Note: My personal favorite paragraphs: "VIIII":Not communicating with husband's physicians about any mental illness he may possess; "IV": She will conduct her self as a fit minister's wife (although I don't believe Mr. McNeal is one!); & "XI": Wife will not have her husband arrested. Hmmm... why did this poor woman decide to sign her life over to a most likely insane man? This is just so bizarre I had to post it! Enjoy!


Reality TV Relieves Even The Biggest Headache!

Okay, so my 1st day back in the squadron wasn't so bad. My partner-in-crime was there to work right alongside with me. I found out that my supervisor has been trying to promote me to Senior Airman for the past four (!) months and the MPF (kinda like the "home" or personnel building for each individual air force base) keeps rejecting my approval application without good reason. Ugh! That bothers me like nothing other. I honestly think that it really is "every man for himself" sometimes in the military, even though they constantly mention having a wingman by your side. I don't get it sometimes.

I was so happy to step into the mall yesterday! Carter's makes the absolute cutest baby clothes out there and they were having a 50-70% off sale yesterday! Carter's baby clothes is like the Macy's or Nordstrom's of baby clothing! :D

My ex is crazy. No wonder he is my ex, right? I rarely ever talk to him, as he usually can't man up most of the time and just have mature adult communication with me. He will usually only talk to me if he really wants something or needs my help. Today was one of those days. The whole conversation didn't go very well. I'd rather not mention what his issue was, but all I can say is that some men are just crazy nuts.

Son is amazing! He is growing up so quickly, I swear. He is an absolute ball of fun and laughter. He has such a personality. His dad does, too. They're definitely related in that aspect! And what makes it 100X better is those beautiful deep dimples he shows us when he gives a smile!
Enough personal talk. It's
Essential Things Thursday!

1.Honey Roasted Peanuts. OMG. Those things are so addicting. Savory & sweet all in one!

2.An award. Everyone is good at something. No one is good at everything. So when you're having a down day, just remember that you're an expert at playing the piano, surfing big waves, or even geometry.

3. Lotion. Soft skin is a must! And not keeping your skin moisturized is not neccesarily good for you either! BONUS: a good smelling one!

4.A favorite reality television show. You better admit it: you like at least one, if not five! My personal favorites are "Survivor" and "Project Runway." Yay for Bravo tv!

Project Runway (season 1)Image via Wikipedia

5."Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use."
-- Wendell Johnson

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Road Rage Helps Spark A New Idea!

I have such a busy week ahead of me. Thank goodness that I have at least one day off (today) for this week! I am making up a drill that I missed for the month of February, and I also have to work this weekend for my regular drill for this month. I do like being a reservist in the Air Force, but having children can make it all a bit tough.

While I was out earlier today to get some groceries, I got some mild road rage at a woman at least 70 years of age. Now, why would she pull out in the middle of a busy road and wait there, because she realized a bit too late that it wasn't her right-of-way? Whoa. I really think that either we should have a renewed driving class after we hit the retirement age, or DL's should just be confiscated once you hit your 80th birthday. Seriously. And I don't mean that to be rude, but for the safety of the rest of us!

Which reminds me...it's time to give up my Oklahoma DL for a new California one. So long Sooners!

The Oklahoma Sooners football team enters the ...Image via Wikipedia

So I finally came up with a really creative ritual for Wednesday blogs!

Here it is... Wacky News Wednesday!

I love it! I use to read about crazy people/events in the news all the time when I was younger, and I would love to add some of it to my blog! It might be some silly news, but hey, we will certainly get a laugh out of it!

Wacky News Wednesday

(Credits to http://www.associatedpress.com & http://www.msnbc.msn.com/)

DENVER - Kelly Coffman-Lee wanted to tell the world about her love of tofu by picking the letters for her car's license plate.

But her tofu fondness ran into a snafu at the Division of Motor Vehicles, which blocked her plan because they thought the combination of letters could be interpreted as profane. Her suggestion for the plate on her Suzuki: "ILVTOFU."

Department of Revenue spokesman Mark Couch said the letters could be misinterpreted.

Coffman-Lee, 38, said tofu is a staple of her family's diet because they are vegan and that the DMV misinterpreted her message.

And that's it for now!

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Thou Shalt Not Steal. It's Just So Rude.

When you have a new baby in the house, you really start to notice the changes in various things week by week (aside from the obvious baby that you're caring for, I mean!). It's Easter morning, and I am intently enjoying my off time from work, writing, relaxing, and sitting right next to my happily babbling son. What a happy baby. It's hard to believe that nearly two months ago this poor kid was plagued by the unfortunate stage of colic. Nowadays, he smiles and laughs more than ever. Yeah right, we will see how he acts in about another month or two. What will he find to cry about then? ;)

Chocolate CheesecakeImage by pierrotsomepeople via Flickr

On a minor silly note, a few co-workers, bosses and I went to dine at the Cheesecake Factory (YUM!) in a little celebration for achieving the most sales in our division. Go Northern California! The good news- I had a delicious salmon meal along with a supreme chocolate Godiva cheesecake (seriously, chocolate overload, but it tasted so divine!) The bad news- I offered it to my mother-in-law. What the hell? I vividly remember telling her about the yummy dessert and that she could try "bite."
Yes, that was my exact word.
And no, a bite, in my mind, does not translate to devour the whole thing like you'll never had a good treat like that again in your lifetime. Now, I am not upset at the fact that I had a mere two bites of the cheesecake, I am flustered that she took it upon her self to snatch it right up in her unforgiving little mouth. Angry? Maybe for a few minutes. Honestly I wasn't really that mad, and I didn't confront her about it. Besides, if I did, what would she do, regurgitate it? Yuck. I wouldn't want an apology for her lack of good listening (or maybe she knew what I said, but she didn't care?). I know that we have a very poor standing relationship, and I think she used that situation to use her control and power, like I have clearly noticed she likes to do in the past. One key item of advice, MIL, if you just got a job and got over your fear of dealing with real live imperfect people, you just might be a little happier. I'm sorry, but blaming other people for your problems isn't gonna get you where you want to be. No wonder you rarely go out in public or have many friends; most normal people wouldn't put up with your annoying bullshit.

Okay, I'm done venting. It really just had to be done, I was slightly aggravated.

I have decided to modify my blog a little bit. I am going to throw away Super 5, as I only did that one time anyway, stick with Essential things, no links for Wednesday. I like to write, but I don't want to make all my blogs just about linkage; I want to be able to put my own two cents in about whatever need be that day I choose to write. Amateur blogger I am, but I am willing to learn day by day. If anyone has advice to give to me on writing, I would gratefully accept it.

Until next time... Happy Easter and enjoy this upcoming week!


Music To My Ears

It's my "weekend" again, yeah! I am up early again with my son, watching as he intently observes the new colorful rattle I bought him... he is growing up so fast! I told his dad last night I didn't want him to grow up; I want him to stay small forever, or at least for a long time. Not possible, I know. He's just so cute and innocently sweet, I know that this day fifteen years from the the story won't be so similar.. well, we shall see about that, he just might be a mama's boy! :)
At his doctor's appointment he weighed in at 15 lbs and 6 ounces, growing five inches since the day he was born nearly four months ago. He's growing like a weed! He was a trooper for his shots too; His pacifier was definitely his best friend! DJ is absolutely beautiful.

I am sad yet content with my friend Brittany's passing last Saturday. I visited her one last time that morning, and although she did not talk back to me, I still believe that she listened as I spoke to her. I did not like to see her in the condition that she was in. I hope from the bottom of my heart that her passing was truly painless. After six years of sickness, the pain is gone and for that I am grateful. I am thankful to have had her in my life; she made me see things from a different perspective and she has reminded me to be positive and courageous.

And now, on with...
Essential Things Thursday!

1. Music. I think, that for a lot of people, music is an outlet to vent, just like writing is for a good number of bloggers out there. The best thing about it is, any genre of good music can please any ear.

SAN FRANCISCO - SEPTEMBER 09:  The new iPod Na...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

2. A good salad. Mine? I'll take a Caesar salad any day!

3. Go see "I Love You, Man", featuring Paul Rudd (Knocked Up) & Jason Segal (Forgetting Sarah Marshall). HILARIOUS. I would go see it again in theaters. It is about a man who becomes engaged to the love of his life, and he finds that he has no male friends. This is his quest to finding himself a best man for his wedding.

4. 20 questions. Ever played that game before? If you're bored at work, or taking a 10 minute break from cleaning up the house, go to http://www.20q.net and see if you can outsmart it!

5. "Maybe part of loving is learning to let go." ~From the television show The Wonder Years

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Crazy Coffee-Cup-Throwing People!

Spalatch! That is the first "word" that came to my mind. Yes, I believe I made it up. Ha ha. Friday's are usually no fun, considering it's my day back at work from having two days off. I can't even really think of how to relay my thoughts in an organized way. So take it as it is.

First of all, I was extremely upset to walk out of my favorite donut shop knowing they didn't haved anymore cream cheese croissants. For shame!

I'm very saddened to learn that my friend of 11 years will be taken off of the respirator she has been relying on for the past week, tomorrow. Apparently the doctors believe that we are hoping for the inevitable. She is not getting any better, and the infection continues to envelop in her body and her vital organs. Brittany has been sick for a long while now and she is aware that her life is lived on eggshells, unfortunately. All I can do now is hope and have faith and that is what I have been continuing to tell myself.

My son is doing well. It's funny, he has finally found the binky that he likes to use most, the "MAM" brand pacifiers. I think those are the cutest ones with all the silly designs on the front nub. At first I felt kind of guilty for suggesting he use a pacifer. I hear those horrible stories and peoples' children having a hard time weaning off of them or messing up their teeth. My daughter, who is three years old now, never used a binky nor sucked her thumb so I've never had to deal with that before. But alas, I am allowing DJ to do so. Not everybody is perfect, right?

Work has been interesting. I work for a pest control company and I manage accounts in the northern California area. Unfortunately, I came back to work today to find out that one of our inspectors had gotten himself fired because he threw his coffee cup at a customer for not calling us at the office to cancel the appointment she set (she set it but decided she did not want to proceed with treatment from our company, and she did not give us a call to cancel.) Why are some people so crazy? And what the heck lead him to do that? Now I understand why some people (AHEM! M-I-L!!) don't work. My goodness! I'm still in shock that he did that. But I suppose I understand why our company let him go, I would be extremely upset if I was a customer and had that done to me.

Well that would be all the news so far. I have nothing special to post, it is Friday, work tomorrow morning, so nothing exciting for tonight. So until next time!


Juice, Faith, & A Slap In The Face

Eeessh. It's been a fairly tough week so far. I haven't posted in a week, not so good.
I've been busy with work & the baby mostly. DJ is growing like a weed! Today is actually his 4 month appointment with the doctor, we shall find out how much he weighs! I went to the store yesterday and skipped buying him the 9 month old sized clothing, I just bought the 12 month old size (which starts at about 18 lbs.), because I swear he is at least 15 lbs. right now and he will reach 18 lbs so soon! Spring has sprung, and so has he!

On a more difficult side, a friend that I have known since we were 11 is in the hospital for an infection that has become quite dangerous to her. She developed pneumonia a couple of weeks ago, something that most of us could fight off with time and rest, but since she is a donor transplant patient and has almost no immunity, the disease is really starting to overcome her. She is still resting in the hospital and has a few ups and downs about the situation, but still manages to keep her peace and faith for the most part. It has been a real big slap in the face for me, but I think the only way I can move on with the reality of the situation is to think positive and believe that whatever is best for her will happen.

And so it's Thursday, time for some essential things! I have been finding that I've been needing a lot lately...
Essential Things Thursday!

Power Jamba JuiceImage by nycwatchdog via Flickr

1. A favorite drink from Juice It Up. Or Jamba Juice, wherever you go. Mine is the 50/50. MMM... tastes just like an orange dreamsicle!!
2.A great pedicure. Whether you go to the salon or try it yourself at home, make it a good one. You probably deserve it!
3. Peace of Mind. I've learned that in the past week with what has been going on in my life. Without it, stress can eat up your life.
4.A book. Be it a horror story, one about the civil war, or even a cute little children's book about puppies, it's good to read and relax.
5. "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Until next post.

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