Crazy Coffee-Cup-Throwing People!

Spalatch! That is the first "word" that came to my mind. Yes, I believe I made it up. Ha ha. Friday's are usually no fun, considering it's my day back at work from having two days off. I can't even really think of how to relay my thoughts in an organized way. So take it as it is.

First of all, I was extremely upset to walk out of my favorite donut shop knowing they didn't haved anymore cream cheese croissants. For shame!

I'm very saddened to learn that my friend of 11 years will be taken off of the respirator she has been relying on for the past week, tomorrow. Apparently the doctors believe that we are hoping for the inevitable. She is not getting any better, and the infection continues to envelop in her body and her vital organs. Brittany has been sick for a long while now and she is aware that her life is lived on eggshells, unfortunately. All I can do now is hope and have faith and that is what I have been continuing to tell myself.

My son is doing well. It's funny, he has finally found the binky that he likes to use most, the "MAM" brand pacifiers. I think those are the cutest ones with all the silly designs on the front nub. At first I felt kind of guilty for suggesting he use a pacifer. I hear those horrible stories and peoples' children having a hard time weaning off of them or messing up their teeth. My daughter, who is three years old now, never used a binky nor sucked her thumb so I've never had to deal with that before. But alas, I am allowing DJ to do so. Not everybody is perfect, right?

Work has been interesting. I work for a pest control company and I manage accounts in the northern California area. Unfortunately, I came back to work today to find out that one of our inspectors had gotten himself fired because he threw his coffee cup at a customer for not calling us at the office to cancel the appointment she set (she set it but decided she did not want to proceed with treatment from our company, and she did not give us a call to cancel.) Why are some people so crazy? And what the heck lead him to do that? Now I understand why some people (AHEM! M-I-L!!) don't work. My goodness! I'm still in shock that he did that. But I suppose I understand why our company let him go, I would be extremely upset if I was a customer and had that done to me.

Well that would be all the news so far. I have nothing special to post, it is Friday, work tomorrow morning, so nothing exciting for tonight. So until next time!

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