Reality TV Relieves Even The Biggest Headache!

Okay, so my 1st day back in the squadron wasn't so bad. My partner-in-crime was there to work right alongside with me. I found out that my supervisor has been trying to promote me to Senior Airman for the past four (!) months and the MPF (kinda like the "home" or personnel building for each individual air force base) keeps rejecting my approval application without good reason. Ugh! That bothers me like nothing other. I honestly think that it really is "every man for himself" sometimes in the military, even though they constantly mention having a wingman by your side. I don't get it sometimes.

I was so happy to step into the mall yesterday! Carter's makes the absolute cutest baby clothes out there and they were having a 50-70% off sale yesterday! Carter's baby clothes is like the Macy's or Nordstrom's of baby clothing! :D

My ex is crazy. No wonder he is my ex, right? I rarely ever talk to him, as he usually can't man up most of the time and just have mature adult communication with me. He will usually only talk to me if he really wants something or needs my help. Today was one of those days. The whole conversation didn't go very well. I'd rather not mention what his issue was, but all I can say is that some men are just crazy nuts.

Son is amazing! He is growing up so quickly, I swear. He is an absolute ball of fun and laughter. He has such a personality. His dad does, too. They're definitely related in that aspect! And what makes it 100X better is those beautiful deep dimples he shows us when he gives a smile!
Enough personal talk. It's
Essential Things Thursday!

1.Honey Roasted Peanuts. OMG. Those things are so addicting. Savory & sweet all in one!

2.An award. Everyone is good at something. No one is good at everything. So when you're having a down day, just remember that you're an expert at playing the piano, surfing big waves, or even geometry.

3. Lotion. Soft skin is a must! And not keeping your skin moisturized is not neccesarily good for you either! BONUS: a good smelling one!

4.A favorite reality television show. You better admit it: you like at least one, if not five! My personal favorites are "Survivor" and "Project Runway." Yay for Bravo tv!

Project Runway (season 1)Image via Wikipedia

5."Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use."
-- Wendell Johnson

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