Juice, Faith, & A Slap In The Face

Eeessh. It's been a fairly tough week so far. I haven't posted in a week, not so good.
I've been busy with work & the baby mostly. DJ is growing like a weed! Today is actually his 4 month appointment with the doctor, we shall find out how much he weighs! I went to the store yesterday and skipped buying him the 9 month old sized clothing, I just bought the 12 month old size (which starts at about 18 lbs.), because I swear he is at least 15 lbs. right now and he will reach 18 lbs so soon! Spring has sprung, and so has he!

On a more difficult side, a friend that I have known since we were 11 is in the hospital for an infection that has become quite dangerous to her. She developed pneumonia a couple of weeks ago, something that most of us could fight off with time and rest, but since she is a donor transplant patient and has almost no immunity, the disease is really starting to overcome her. She is still resting in the hospital and has a few ups and downs about the situation, but still manages to keep her peace and faith for the most part. It has been a real big slap in the face for me, but I think the only way I can move on with the reality of the situation is to think positive and believe that whatever is best for her will happen.

And so it's Thursday, time for some essential things! I have been finding that I've been needing a lot lately...
Essential Things Thursday!

Power Jamba JuiceImage by nycwatchdog via Flickr

1. A favorite drink from Juice It Up. Or Jamba Juice, wherever you go. Mine is the 50/50. MMM... tastes just like an orange dreamsicle!!
2.A great pedicure. Whether you go to the salon or try it yourself at home, make it a good one. You probably deserve it!
3. Peace of Mind. I've learned that in the past week with what has been going on in my life. Without it, stress can eat up your life.
4.A book. Be it a horror story, one about the civil war, or even a cute little children's book about puppies, it's good to read and relax.
5. "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Until next post.

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  1. I can't believe my son is almost three. Man, they grow so fast. Time flies when you have children. I remember before I had him the weeks were so long and the days lasted forever, now they are flying by. Pretty soon, I'll have grandchildren! Ecck! I'm sorry to hear about your friend, I hope she gets better!

  2. Kids! Just a reminder that you're getting older! But what would we do without them??

    Thanks for the kind thoughts on my friend. Much appreciated.


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