One Crazy Prenuptial Agreement

I have had such a handful going on since my last post! Let's see...OK, it doesn't seem like much written (typed) down, but it was for me! Work, work, work...a small fraction of time with old friends, seeing my babies here and there...and work. Yep.

Real exciting.

But let me just add that my life wouldn't be much of one if I didn't have things to do, so I guess I don't mind too much.

Brittany's memorial was last Saturday. I was glad to see many people come to acknowledge her life and not her passing. I am happy that her parents requested that everyone who attended wear colorful attire and nothing black. Her parents are tough cookies. Brittany was so very loved. Rest in peace Brittany.

It's getting hotter. I am almost not looking forward to summer. My husband doesn't do the beach or pool thing very much. Bummer since I live in Southern California. Oh well, his loss, I have plenty of other beach happy friends!

I'd better get back to my babies, the little one has fallen asleep to "Wow Wow Wubzy" and he doesn't take long naps, wouldn't want him to wake up without me. :)

On to
Wacky News Wednesday!

I do believe that if this was in the news, it may have been just a couple of years ago, but I stumbled upon it recently and just thought it was ridiculous! Prenuptial agreements...could they really be as outrageous as this one?


(Note: My personal favorite paragraphs: "VIIII":Not communicating with husband's physicians about any mental illness he may possess; "IV": She will conduct her self as a fit minister's wife (although I don't believe Mr. McNeal is one!); & "XI": Wife will not have her husband arrested. Hmmm... why did this poor woman decide to sign her life over to a most likely insane man? This is just so bizarre I had to post it! Enjoy!

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